Friday, October 29, 2010

!!!!happy halloween!!!

halloween palns!?!?
  • well i was basically thinking of being myself(a awesome skater)
  • i want to walk all over the island...meaning walk one place and drive to another to walk there too
  • i only say that because this might be the last time i can have a candy overloaded night
how can i encourage my friends to have a fun but safe holiday...
  • well first of all tell them a bunch of things not to do and to do
  • for an example of not to do is to scare kids with a hideous mask like my friend did to his baby sister
  • and what to do is give me some of their CANDY...
!?!?!?mwahaha happy halloween!?!?!?!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

sk8a entry:colonels chicken

why is it important to struggle through adversity?....

  • it' s important to struggle through adversity because with no struggle it would be a easy win.basically meaning nothing memorable.
  • also if you don't fall then how are you able to know what getting back up feels like(special quote from a movie)
  • well all i'm trying to say is you want to make it memorable that way when your too old to do what you could do,then at least you can say and remember that you made it without giving up

Thursday, October 21, 2010

skater entry productivity


[pruh-duhk-tiv] 1.the orgin of productivity.productive basically means having the power of producing.producing means to bring into existence
  • the most productive thing that i brung into life is playing the uke and skating.without that my life wouldn't mean much i would just be a real boring person


Monday, October 18, 2010

skat3r boii entry

  1. i like the fact that actually using the planner helps.i mean because everyone grabs it and says they use it but its left at the bottom of their bags...i can bring using planners into my life by simply organising my bag and put it on the top that way its the first thing i see
  2. coming up with my own is kinda hard because they took the good ideas.well i think that a way to help in the morning is to eat an awesome breakfast that way you have no reason to be half asleep in class.another helpful one is to try not going on your computer(if you own one)late at night because then you wont get enough sleep and it was said that average teens need around 9 hours of sleep or it wont be a good day
  3. well some plans that i try to set for my self is to use my planner and i wont lie,its still at the bottom of my bag ha ha.well I'm pretty much sure that i may accomplish this goal by using it at least more then thirty times because back in 6th grade my teacher once told me that it takes 30 times to make it a habit 

Friday, October 15, 2010

skater entry 10/15/2010

3 different goals for this year...
fitness:get the right discipline to stay on track of something,theoretically speaking exercise
academy:get the feeling of getting more comfortably with the timing of the school to do work to
and last but not least personally:I'm not really comfortable talking about personal things but i would want to become a pro skater and an entertainer and i think that i would never tell any one that

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

skater entry 10/13/2010

things i would or should look forward to...

  • some things could probably be like less projects which i know won't happen because we already have a project based on coexisting
  • another thing i could look forward to is probably just a little more relaxing time because when i go lunch or recess yeah its relaxing time but not when you got to make up work
basically why these pictures represent me...

  • all right so it's obvious that i am no fighter and i think it represents me because it has nanakuli's school colors and i just ain't a fighter but i will fight for what i love
  • all right so this second one is just an add on to just me being at peace and because its awesome ha ha