Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Unlike the article i saw my friend suffering but not as badly as the woman in the article.His leg was in pain and i ran towards him because he was about to walk up a large hill and i know he would've struggled so i helped him by holding him up the best i could because i was shorter.i just felt bad but eventually we made it to the top.
Compassion to me should look like someone struggling or in pain and someone actually trying and succeeding in helping that person.Showing compassion shouldn't be hard unless your a bully.For me its a natural thing because seeing people suffer is a sad thing to me.It just makes me want to try my hardest to help that person because what i want to do is...MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THIS WORLD

Monday, December 6, 2010

being reliable

word of the day
  • reliable:being reliable is meaning for another person to be able to trust you and depend on you.maybe predictable
  • well i think that it means to be able to do anything that some one tells you to do.for example when a teachers ask to stay quiet because she needs to go to a conference,she needs to be able  to rely(reliable) on the students to stay quiet and not lose control
  • well I've reliable a lot of times for example helping out friends by grabbing what they need as in shoes and they depend on me to bring that shoes because they came with nothing
  • i also been unreliable for example i hardly listen.its like i have selective hearing
  • well when teachers or important people instruct they depend on the students to stay quiet because if not the teacher ends up losing control and then loses his or her mind and gives out F's(ha ha a little exaggeration 

Friday, December 3, 2010

the biggest conflict opposed in my life

well right now i really want me and my dad to talk more i mean he is my dad and I'm ashamed knowing that i know nothing about the guy.i hate it when he tries to bond with me doing things i don't even like but its my fault for not telling him but i don't like hurting  anybody especially him.i think that i can resolve this by talking to him instead of having him talking to me because at least if we have a conversation it about something i like instead of something boring like work.ha ha I'm to young i just need to wait a year more.very exited.well have a great day who ever is reading this i gotta go work bye

Monday, November 29, 2010


how was thanksgiving?!?!?

  • thanksgiving was awesome.we did the same thing last year as well as every where.we ate a huge turkey,with ham,salad,stuffing,basically we ate a lot
  • you know i don't really think that a lot of people care but oh well
  • i can tell you one thing though,that was good turkey and i got full.ha ha ha ha ha

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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team effort

???????my favorite team?????????

  • okay so what i have in mind isn't really a team but they have great team effort because without it we couldn't do what we do...
  • if you haven't noticed yet its including me.me and my friends are great ukulele players and without just one of us then it wont sound great.okay so the reason I'm writing,they are great at collaborating on picking songs together and that's pretty difficult.well they have good hearing,great timing,good memory.none of you guys understanding what I'm talking about because you guys don't play the instrument.all I'm saying is it takes great focus and discipline in order to play the ukulele as great as us...i like to be modest and all but yeah if you guys want to learn I'm here for teaching

Friday, October 29, 2010

!!!!happy halloween!!!

halloween palns!?!?
  • well i was basically thinking of being myself(a awesome skater)
  • i want to walk all over the island...meaning walk one place and drive to another to walk there too
  • i only say that because this might be the last time i can have a candy overloaded night
how can i encourage my friends to have a fun but safe holiday...
  • well first of all tell them a bunch of things not to do and to do
  • for an example of not to do is to scare kids with a hideous mask like my friend did to his baby sister
  • and what to do is give me some of their CANDY...
!?!?!?mwahaha happy halloween!?!?!?!