Monday, December 6, 2010

being reliable

word of the day
  • reliable:being reliable is meaning for another person to be able to trust you and depend on you.maybe predictable
  • well i think that it means to be able to do anything that some one tells you to do.for example when a teachers ask to stay quiet because she needs to go to a conference,she needs to be able  to rely(reliable) on the students to stay quiet and not lose control
  • well I've reliable a lot of times for example helping out friends by grabbing what they need as in shoes and they depend on me to bring that shoes because they came with nothing
  • i also been unreliable for example i hardly listen.its like i have selective hearing
  • well when teachers or important people instruct they depend on the students to stay quiet because if not the teacher ends up losing control and then loses his or her mind and gives out F's(ha ha a little exaggeration 

Friday, December 3, 2010

the biggest conflict opposed in my life

well right now i really want me and my dad to talk more i mean he is my dad and I'm ashamed knowing that i know nothing about the guy.i hate it when he tries to bond with me doing things i don't even like but its my fault for not telling him but i don't like hurting  anybody especially him.i think that i can resolve this by talking to him instead of having him talking to me because at least if we have a conversation it about something i like instead of something boring like work.ha ha I'm to young i just need to wait a year more.very exited.well have a great day who ever is reading this i gotta go work bye

Monday, November 29, 2010


how was thanksgiving?!?!?

  • thanksgiving was awesome.we did the same thing last year as well as every where.we ate a huge turkey,with ham,salad,stuffing,basically we ate a lot
  • you know i don't really think that a lot of people care but oh well
  • i can tell you one thing though,that was good turkey and i got full.ha ha ha ha ha

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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team effort

???????my favorite team?????????

  • okay so what i have in mind isn't really a team but they have great team effort because without it we couldn't do what we do...
  • if you haven't noticed yet its including and my friends are great ukulele players and without just one of us then it wont sound great.okay so the reason I'm writing,they are great at collaborating on picking songs together and that's pretty difficult.well they have good hearing,great timing,good memory.none of you guys understanding what I'm talking about because you guys don't play the instrument.all I'm saying is it takes great focus and discipline in order to play the ukulele as great as us...i like to be modest and all but yeah if you guys want to learn I'm here for teaching

Friday, October 29, 2010

!!!!happy halloween!!!

halloween palns!?!?
  • well i was basically thinking of being myself(a awesome skater)
  • i want to walk all over the island...meaning walk one place and drive to another to walk there too
  • i only say that because this might be the last time i can have a candy overloaded night
how can i encourage my friends to have a fun but safe holiday...
  • well first of all tell them a bunch of things not to do and to do
  • for an example of not to do is to scare kids with a hideous mask like my friend did to his baby sister
  • and what to do is give me some of their CANDY...
!?!?!?mwahaha happy halloween!?!?!?!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

sk8a entry:colonels chicken

why is it important to struggle through adversity?....

  • it' s important to struggle through adversity because with no struggle it would be a easy win.basically meaning nothing memorable.
  • also if you don't fall then how are you able to know what getting back up feels like(special quote from a movie)
  • well all i'm trying to say is you want to make it memorable that way when your too old to do what you could do,then at least you can say and remember that you made it without giving up

Thursday, October 21, 2010

skater entry productivity


[pruh-duhk-tiv] 1.the orgin of productivity.productive basically means having the power of producing.producing means to bring into existence
  • the most productive thing that i brung into life is playing the uke and skating.without that my life wouldn't mean much i would just be a real boring person


Monday, October 18, 2010

skat3r boii entry

  1. i like the fact that actually using the planner helps.i mean because everyone grabs it and says they use it but its left at the bottom of their bags...i can bring using planners into my life by simply organising my bag and put it on the top that way its the first thing i see
  2. coming up with my own is kinda hard because they took the good ideas.well i think that a way to help in the morning is to eat an awesome breakfast that way you have no reason to be half asleep in class.another helpful one is to try not going on your computer(if you own one)late at night because then you wont get enough sleep and it was said that average teens need around 9 hours of sleep or it wont be a good day
  3. well some plans that i try to set for my self is to use my planner and i wont lie,its still at the bottom of my bag ha ha.well I'm pretty much sure that i may accomplish this goal by using it at least more then thirty times because back in 6th grade my teacher once told me that it takes 30 times to make it a habit 

Friday, October 15, 2010

skater entry 10/15/2010

3 different goals for this year...
fitness:get the right discipline to stay on track of something,theoretically speaking exercise
academy:get the feeling of getting more comfortably with the timing of the school to do work to
and last but not least personally:I'm not really comfortable talking about personal things but i would want to become a pro skater and an entertainer and i think that i would never tell any one that

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

skater entry 10/13/2010

things i would or should look forward to...

  • some things could probably be like less projects which i know won't happen because we already have a project based on coexisting
  • another thing i could look forward to is probably just a little more relaxing time because when i go lunch or recess yeah its relaxing time but not when you got to make up work
basically why these pictures represent me...

  • all right so it's obvious that i am no fighter and i think it represents me because it has nanakuli's school colors and i just ain't a fighter but i will fight for what i love
  • all right so this second one is just an add on to just me being at peace and because its awesome ha ha

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

survival guide of your first years in highschool

Ups and downs...

  • as you know high school will have lots of ups and downs but some of them for me is basiclly too much big projects to even catch up
  • one thing you should always keep in mind so you dont lose control over it is that everything happens for a reason and some how its ALWAYS worth it
whats good to looking foward to next quarter...\

  • what sounds good for me is probably a good project envolving skating(basically because i love to skate)
  • i would also like to have basically a water day where everyone goes behind d building to play water as a celebration to surviving
dear next years freshmen...

  • as freshmens you must always expect BIG projects but don't be alarmed cause as the years go by you will eventually get used to it
  • next year is a big thing to every one because you guys are basically entering high school and just saying it sounds awesome 
  • one more thing to say is to never give up hope because who knows maybe when your about to give up something helpful will happen...happy next year freshmens

Friday, September 24, 2010

how do we... do we make homecoming a positive experience...

  • home coming is already a positive experience all we have to do is put it in a way for the students and any one who concerns to make them feel positive about it do we represent our academy/etc. in a great way...

  • we represent it by respecting it for example wearing the shirt and responding to what the rules of our academy represents

Thursday, September 23, 2010

(DLP#5) :Have a good work ethic!

"Its better to be 3 hours too soon then one minute too late"William Shakespeare
what this means to me?

  • this means its better to be on time then just a little late.
  • i have never always been punctual or on time but at least i can be honest and say that i try hard to
  • to tell the truth i don't think punctual is the word for me because I'm either turning in things or coming early or I'm a little late on turning it in...
  • here's a little drawing that might help

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hoshin results

...what this means for our academy...

  • the results certainly proves what is holding the academy students from getting to our ideal state
  • this means that these are things that we would have to overcome in order to reach our ideal state
!?!?what does this mean to me?!?!
  • what this means to me is that i must ignore the ideas in order to reach our ideal state
  • this means

Monday, September 13, 2010

DLP#3"taking responsibility"


  • taking responsibility mostly means to do what needs to be done
  • responsibility means to take care of other things like rubbish on the beach or rubbish on a school campus.
  • i can take responsibility by cleaning our school campus or our skate parks
  • responsibility is a living,its not a choice and you can't chose whether or not to do so
below is the link that can take you to the wordle that was created "things that includes responsibility"
"things that include responsibility blog"

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

DLP #3: Accept only quality work from yourself and others!

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford

  • to me quality means to be excellent in grades and school
  • quality is a character trait
  • quality can be shown in many things like for example food,school work,skating, practically everything we know can be based on quality
?what this quote is talking about?

  • doing right when no ones looking mostly means to be doing the right thing as often as possible
  • doing the right thing every time would make that a habit
  • since it becomes a habit you wouldn't be doing the wrong thing often which practically is good quality

Thursday, September 2, 2010


?where did i show initiariv

  • i first showed initiative when i was at the skate park and i was the first one there
?when did i ever take risks and first steps?

  • i took risk by actually skating alot because its pretty dangerous
?how did i make progress to my goals?

  • well having school being almost everyday it helps you get used to the school schedule
  • i got better in technical difficulties by using my computer at home alot

Monday, August 30, 2010

?what does it mean to take initiative?

what does it mean to take initiative?

  • to take initiative is to to the first step or act
  • .initiative is basically making a leading step

how can we take initiative?
theres alot of examples of taking initiative.
for example...

  • making friends
  • being the first to speak in a presentation,
  • and probably even being the first to do something no one else has done,etc.

  • is where i found my information
  • the defenition that they came up with is an introductory act or step; leading action: to take theinitiative in making friends.

Monday, August 23, 2010

warning weird things beyond this point

the goals that i have in plan to accomplish by this week is probably feel more comfortable around the schedule of
school.The whole 8 classes a day thing.I have a feeling i'm gonna feel better about the schedule soon.The next and last goal is to at least get better in classes.Like technical wise because every time in class when theres something to do with computers i usually take a while trying to finish.Maybe get better at typing too